Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

Breed Description +

Afghan Hounds are quiet, playful, and independent. Their intelligence allows them to participate in dog sports such as lure coursing, racing, tracking, agility, and obedience, all which provide physical and mental stimulation while creating closer family bonds. Jogging can also help meet these needs while taking advantage of the Afghan Hound's ability to run. As they are also excellent jumpers, fences need to be at least 5-feet high to contain them. They are also sensitive dogs and they may be aloof or suspicious with strangers. Thus socialization may be needed in order to minimize the development of fear-based defensive aggression.
  • AKC Name:

    Afghan Hound

  • Common Name(s):

    Afghan, Tazi Hound, Baluchi Hound, Wind Hound

  • AKC Group:


  • Genetic Group:

    Middle East and African

  • Observed Weight:

    40-77 lbs

  • Show Weight:

    45-66 lbs


Identifying Features:

Average Height: 25 - 29 in


The history of the Afghan Hound dates back thousands of years. The earliest known records of the breed are found on Egyptian papyrus, as well as the walls of Afghani caves that are more than four thousand years old. In fact, the history of the Afghan Hound may be much older than any of us realize, with some legends insisting that the breed was one of the animals rescued on Noah's Ark. The breed is native to the Sinai, but the exact origin of the Afghan Hound is debated. Some believe that the breed came out of Egypt, while others insist that they are descendants of the Asian Steppe Hounds. Afghan Hounds were once used to hunt snow leopards, panthers and wolves, but today the breed is known for its herding skills and its suitability as a family pet. Until 1907, export of Afghan Hounds from Afghanistan was illegal. Once exportation was allowed, the breed made its way to England, and shortly after its début in England it was introduced in the United States. The American Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1926.

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