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Wisdom Panel DNA Test Terms and Conditions

Each dog is unique and their physical and behavioral traits will be the result of multiple factors, including genetics, training, handling, and environment. Using a proprietary analysis and database, Wisdom Panel™ products can provide insight into the breed ancestry of your dog, the predicted genetic adult weight range, and breed-related risks of developing certain genetic diseases. A dog’s weight range can vary significantly depending on age, diet, and exercise. Wisdom Panel products are not intended to diagnose diseases or predict behavior in any particular dog. Wisdom Panel products are designed and intended to be used solely to identify the genetic breed makeup and predict the adult size of such a mixed-breed dog; to confirm the genetic profile observed in a tested dog matches a particular breed profile; or in certain products to identify risks of developing certain genetic diseases or conditions. No other purpose is intended, authorized, or permitted.

Upon receipt of the sample, Wisdom Health will analyze the dog’s DNA to determine the breed(s) present in its recent ancestry. In all cases this is done with a reasonable degree of certainty. Portions of DNA samples of some dogs may not include any purebreds and those ancestors will simply be noted as being mixed breeds. Wisdom Panel products are based upon the Wisdom Health database of validated breeds. If a dog’s ancestry contains breeds not represented in our database, the results may identify related breeds that are contained in the database.

In the unlikely event that it is not possible to determine breed history, predicted adult weight range, or breed related health risks, or that an error in the analysis occurs, liability by Wisdom Health or related companies and individuals is expressly disclaimed. Damages, if any, are limited to the payment actually received by Wisdom Health for the specified analysis at issue.

Wisdom Health’s testing procedures are designed to provide reliable and accurate results. Wisdom Health is not responsible for any errors in obtaining the swab sample or for any injuries or loss that may occur as a result.

All dogs should be considered individual animals. Because each dog is a product of its unique environment and handling, it may exhibit different traits and behaviors than those listed on the breed detail pages provided in the final results. The descriptions of the individual breeds provided by Wisdom Health on these pages are intended to be general in nature. They are not intended to be all-inclusive or definitive and may or may not reflect the natural temperament of your dog.

Many countries and provinces have breed-specific ordinances and laws that may require special handling or prohibit the ownership of some dogs with a particular breed in their genetic background. Wisdom Panel is not intended to be used by regulatory or animal control officials to determine whether a particular breed is legislated or banned in a particular country or province. Nor is Wisdom Panel intended to be used in any judicial proceedings. Rather, it is intended to be used as a tool or resource in determining a dog's genetic history. Neither Wisdom Health nor any related company is responsible for compliance or notification regarding these matters.

Use of the tests acknowledges consent that Wisdom Health may use any portion of the leftover sample, as well as the data collected, for research and development purposes only.

Wisdom Panel Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have questions or concerns regarding your dog’s DNA test results, we would like to ensure that the results are as comprehensive as possible and explained to your satisfaction. Please visit the Contact Us page to submit your question. To better explain your results in relation to the traits you see in your dog, we may require additional information regarding the dog tested including the submission of a photo. An upload of a clear color picture of your dog, including head and body is required so that we may best address your concerns. Following submission, Wisdom Health will acknowledge your claim electronically and a Customer Service Representative will contact you to discuss your concerns and explain your test results. In some instances an additional conversation with our Technical Support Team may be required to answer your questions fully. Please be aware that our Wisdom Panel Customer Satisfaction Guarantee applies within 180 days of the sample being validated and reported.

Wisdom Panel Order Cancellation/Return Policy

If after purchasing our product on www.wisdompanel.com you decide to cancel your order, we will issue a full refund of your purchase price as long as you alert us before we initiate fulfillment. Given the order is immediately sent to our warehouse, it is important to be aware that the window to cancel an order is very short.

If after purchasing our product on www.wisdompanel.com you opt to not submit the kit for testing, you will be entitled to a full refund for the purchase price once the kit is returned back to us in its original, unopened condition.


Wisdom Panel Upgrade Policy

At this time, Wisdom Health does not offer upgrades or exchanges between product versions. Please visit our Product Comparison Page to select the product that best meets your testing needs. At the time of submission, a sample will be run on the current version of the algorithm for the product type purchased and cannot be resubmitted at a later date for analysis on a newer version of the algorithm.

*All refund requests are subject to review and are at the discretion of Wisdom Health.