Inheriting Traits

We’ve all heard those people who say, "My vet told me she was a…," or "The shelter said he was a…" However, identifying the heritage of a mixed-breed dog without genetic information about its parents or grandparents is difficult, even for professionals such as veterinarians and shelter staff. This is because mixed-breed dogs display much more genetic variation than purebreds.

Mixed-breed dogs can be any size, weight, or color, even dogs that share the same parent(s) or breed background.

The Story of Fido’s Physical Traits


Just Like Human Siblings

All these puppies are from the same mother. The black one on the left and the black and white one on the right have the same father. And yet, just like human sibling, they all have a unique look based on what they individually inherited from mom and dad.

Fun Fact

Studies have shown that visual identification is only accurate about 25% of the time; even with professionals. A commonly mistaken breed is the Border Collie with its iconic black and white coloring, long hair and pricked ears.


So You Think Your Dog Is a Border Collie Mix?