Our Process and Technology


Wisdom Panel® Canine DNA Tests determine the breed ancestry of a dog by determining the genetic make-up, or "genotype" of the dog, at hundreds of individual sites in its DNA. We then compare those results with the genotypes of the more than 12,000 breed samples in our database. This process is called genotyping and is conducted on a canine Illumina® Infinium® chip created specifically for Wisdom Panel Canine DNA Tests. The chips are processed and analyzed at GeneSeek Laboratories in Lincoln, Nebraska.

GeneSeek, a subsidiary of Neogen Corporation, is the world’s largest animal genomics testing facility, processing approximately 1.5 million samples a year for customers around the world. GeneSeek is the most experienced laboratory in the world for canine DNA identification and parentage testing services and they have genotyped hundreds of thousands of dogs for breeders and registries alike. Their technology employs high-resolution DNA genotyping for identity and trait analysis in a variety of important agricultural plant and animal species.

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